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Setacryl® Food Contact is a cast acrylic material developed to comply with the new European Regulations that apply to materials and articles made of plastics intended to come into contact with food. Setacryl® Food Contact is especially suited for food display counters, food containers, sweets distributors and tableware.

Food Contact

16000 16000
16007 16007
16886 16886
75000 75000

Food Contact

160003 - 4 - 52030 x 305092
160073 - 4 - 52030 x 3050
168863 - 4 - 52030 x 30500

 food contact

  • 8 to 10 times higher resistance to impact than glass
  • High resistance to external agents and UV rays
  • Easy to work (bend, glue, thermoforming, milling)
  • Easier than extruded acrylic
  • food contactPOP / Displays, Totem for the food industry

  • Green Cast® is made from 100% recycled raw materials (recycled Methyl methacrylate monomer) and can be recycled over and over again
  • Green Cast® is 92% of light transmission, better than the one of glass
  • Green Cast® sheets are premium quality branded cast acrylic sheets completely produced in Italy
  • Green Cast® has the same mechanical and physical properties as cast acrylic
  • Green Cast® complies with ISO 7823.1
  • Green Cast® is VOC and HFC free
  • Green Cast® manufacturing uses less water and generates less CO2 than cast acrylic sheets produced with synthetic Monomer (MMA), reducing significantly the carbon foot print
  • Green Cast® is not effected by UV light (30 year guarantee for clear)
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