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Introducing a new kind of mirror with all the functional and aesthetic properties of a normal mirror but is also shatterproof, lightweight, flexible, deformable, thermofomable, warm to touch and available in many colours. EUMIRROR can be cut into different shapes whilst still maintaining the sparkling aesthetic clarity of a glass mirror. It creates both perfect reflection and a perception of depth. It is an excellent marketing tool providing an allure of luxury and class. Additionally, in the sign industry, EUMIRROR provides UV resistant durablitity. EU Mirror comes in two varieties: (i) PMMA-XT-MIRROR which comes in 13 standard colours and 7 standard thicknesses. (ii) PC-XT-MIRROR is famous for it’s superior strength profile and comes in 1 standard colour. This versatile material introduces a whole realm of creative opportunities. Contact our sales team for more info.

Silver 0100

Silver: 0100

Bronze 0145

Bronze: 0145

Light Red 1270

Light Red: 1270

Orange 1360

Orange: 1360

Anthracite 1885

Anthracite: 1885

Bronze 0145

Bronze: 0145

Copper 1350

Copper: 1350

Amber 1320

Amber: 1320

1904 Eu Mirror 1680 01

Dark Blue: 1680

1904 Eu Mirror 1740 01

Pink: 1740

1904 Eu Mirror 1770 01

Violet: 1770

Grey: 1862

Grey: 1862

Gold 1440

Gold: 1440

Yellow 1460

Yellow: 1460

Green: 1550

Green: 1550

1904 Eu Mirror 1630 01

Blue: 1630

Red 1280

Red: 1280

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