A world of colour!

WELCOME to our world of colour! Introducing our range of premium, eco-friendly, Green Cast®cast acrylic sheets, made by Madreperla in Italy. With 8 different varieties to choose from, available in multiple colour and thickness options the creative possibilities are endless. Green Cast® acrylic sheets are suitable for a wide range of applications ranging from shop fitting, signage, point of sale and displays to furniture and interior design.


Greencast® Acrylic sheet was developed to create an enviromental choice without sacrificing the superior quality Madreperla produces. Currently stocked in clear sheet, with multiple thickness options available.



Our Setacyl® product includes a range of Standard acrylic colors with high gloss finish on two sides. The colours come in six varieties: Opal and White, Translucent colors, Densecolors, Transparent and Smoke colors and Fluorescent colors.



Seta-LED® is a LED light diffusing product for signage box materials. It is an optimized cast acrylic sheet, developed to adjust itself to the particularity of LED lighting that has different characteristics compared to the classic neon lighting.



Satinglas® is our two side frosted – non-reflective range. A cast acrylic sheet with a double satin texture that gives a velvety, elegant feel and appearance. Satinglas® has awide range of 25 standard colours.



Our Seta-LETTER® product is made of a 8mm one-side matt, completely dense cast acrylic sheets, designed to facilitate the creation of logos, letters and advertising signs. Letters and logos can be easily laser cut or milled, offering customers the possibility to choose from 11 standard colors.



Metallic® effect with a high aesthetic value. With a wide range of different colours, Metallic® can substitute any real metal, combining elegance and the workability of acrylic.